About Me

I’ve always been someone with lots of strings to my bow. I’m curious and interested in everything, but right now my professional focus is on:

Writer & Creative Writing Facilitator

My main interest is in life-writing. I began my first book, a memoir called 36 Hours, during an MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths. It was shortlisted for the Pat Kavanagh Prize in 2016. Then, in 2018, I was selected for the prestigious Developing Your Creative Practice award from Arts Council England to complete the project and this work is moving towards publication.

In 2016, I co-founded Word After Word, an independent publisher specialising in non-fiction that also delivers a cross-genre creative writing programme and provides editorial services.

Creative Life Coach

I’m a Transformational Life Coach accredited through  Relational Dynamics/Culture at Work . I’m especially passionate about supporting women at a time of transition in their lives and helping them to gain clarity and find a new sense of purpose and joy. Interested in working with me? Find out more here >>>

Arts Fundraiser, Consultant & Mentor

Over nearly three decades I’ve been working in the arts as a producer, fundraiser and arts consultant, collaborating with, producing and mentoring world-class national and international artists in contemporary dance, music and theatre, curating and programming contemporary music, and supporting organisations across art forms. I founded SEGUE in 2005, a creative producing hub and arts consultancy practice through which I’ve produced and delivered numerous projects. Interested in working with me? Find out more here >>>

I’m at my happiest between mountains and sea, moving through the wild places and mapping the human traces. These journeys are when the best ideas bubble up and I can savour the taste and sensation of words landing on my tongue.

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