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Creative Writing and Walking Retreat

Creative Writing Workshops

Creative Transition Retreat for Women

Guest Speaker/Trainer/Tutor

Creative Thinking Workshops

Creative Writing and Walking Retreat

Join me, Andrew L Reynolds, and our walking guides, for a writing and walking retreat in southern Andalusia in September. Full details here: Writing and Walking Retreat

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Creative Writing Workshops

I co-founded and am a tutor with Creative Writing Workshops. We run classes, workshops and retreats in beautiful and inspiring landscapes. Check out Creative Writing Workshops for more information.

Well-structured, prepared and delivered with humour and sensitivity, inspiring me to write, equipped with knowledge and skills I could never have gleaned from my reading experience.

A teaching duo, whose love for writing shines through, complemented by their ability to teach the building blocks to me, a novice.

Supportive leaders, who inspire confidence.

They absolutely know what they are talking about and have a great feeling for explaining even difficult contexts in a simple way.

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Creative Transition Retreat for Women

Combining pampering, creating your personal vision, yoga/meditation, walking, dancing, writing and a style makeover, this retreat is the perfect rebooting antidote to the challenges of transition, whatever your time of life.

Perhaps you’re fed-up with being expected to act and dress your age. Maybe menopause has triggered an identity chasm, as you try to figure out your role and cope with the slew of physical and emotional changes you’re experiencing. Maybe you’ve experienced a run of significant life changes such as late motherhood, the kids flying the nest, career change, bereavement or break-up, or your care-giving responsibilities have increased.

Whatever your transition, if you’re hungry and impatient to let go of the past and embrace the next chapter of your life, but you’re not sure what it looks like or where to start, then this week is designed for you.

It’s the programme I would love to attend. When I couldn’t find just the right thing, I decided to create it!

Create the next chapter of your story and develop the confidence to tell it guided by supportive and experienced tutors, coaches and wellness practitioners.

This retreat will take place in the UK and southern Spain. Click on the links to express your interest in attending and to sign up to the mailing list to receive more details and the early-bird booking offer when it opens.

Spain – February 2018

UK – Summer 2018

Spain – Autumn 2018
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Guest Tutor, Trainer, Speaker

I can provide sessions as a guest speaker, tutor or trainer in creative writing, reminiscence and creativity, yoga/meditation or an arts industry focussed subject. Contact me if you’d like more information.

It’s useful for people to think about memories and reminiscence in a creative way. I really enjoyed the session.

~ Suffolk Artlink on Reminiscence Workshop for Share Museums Network East

Contemplative and reflective. A way to engage audiences really well and on a welcoming level.

~ Participant Feedback

How to grow the seed of an idea to something blooming. Where to look to find the advice and support you need. Fiona’s excellent session on fundraising brought together her years of experience with imaginative ideas, big and small; useful and inspiring!

~ Maura Dooley, Centre for Creative Writing, Goldsmiths College, London

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Creative Thinking Workshops – The Cabinet of Curiosities

Great workshop, thoughtful, idea for many age groups.

This workshop can be for any age group or a mixed age group. It’s suitable for museums and galleries to accompany appropriate exhibitions or collections as part of wider interpretation work, for schools as a pre- or post-museum or gallery visit activity, or as a general creative workshop in an arts programme. It can be tailored to last as a single workshop of 1 to 4 hours or as a short series, with a range of content and practical, hands on activity.

The workshop examines the meaning and value of the gallery or museum as a repository of culture, exploring, for example, ideas around display, interpretation and categorisation. The workshop is about encouraging different ways of seeing, thinking about and relating to the objects on display, and it’s a way of examining the philosophical notions of thing-ness in a way that is not overly intellectual. The objective is to encourage participants not only to embrace their visits to galleries and museums more actively, but to observe the world around them in a more eyes-open, critical, creative and thoughtful way. The focus for the workshop/s is the idea of the Cabinet of Curiosities or Wunderkammer.

I absolutely loved your session.  The story telling element I found fascinating, and really made me think about the objects and their history and then their actual story which you told.

Interesting way of seeing/thinking about objects and of expressing and creating new stories.

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