Fiona Mason

Arts Consultant . Writer . Mentor

Sea Fret

A sea fret creeps up the valley. The sierras, now softer than their name, a ripple of blue-grey silk. #wildwriting #betweenmountainsandsea

Sky Dolphin

Sky Dolphin

Family delphinidae, genus tursiops species truncatus. 12 million years of ocean play. Now bottlenose-sky-dolphin. #betweenmountainsandsea

Wivenhoe – Low Tide

Releasing the cave-dank scent of history, mud pops and gurgles on the out tide, silting up the new, smothering the old traces. #wivenhoe

Wivenhoe – Sunset

No matter how often I’ve seen it, sunset over the Colne at Wivenhoe is a homecoming & a site to return to. #wivenhoe

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